Infinity Nursing Scarve – Floral


The Infinity Nursing Scarf is a multi-functional 4-in-1 breastfeeding cover which offers 360-degree protection on the front, back and sides to allow a new mom to breastfeed discreetly in public.

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Our scarves are made from a lightweight breathable 100% cotton jersey knit fabric which is light and easily carried in a nappy bag when out and about.

The opening is wide enough to allow mom to see clearly what she is doing when getting baby to latch.

It can also be used as a baby swaddle to help settle your baby when she’s overstimulated or as a light blanket to keep her warm in cool or windy weather.

Fit’s easily over a car seat cover while still allowing free flow of air so baby doesn’t overheat and your baby is never hidden from your vision.

It also double’s up as a trendy scarf in Winter, so you will never be without it.